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Foresight In Real Estate Investing

Posted by Admin_Josephine on November 19, 2021

It’s another edition of Think with Gumbull and today our Head Consultant-Josephine Stevens- is talking about the importance of Foresight in Real Estate Investing. Watch video or see transcript below!

 You have probably heard the story of Noah or read about it. I think that is a great story about foresight. Noah saved his family and earth’s animals from the flood that wiped away the people on earth. The animals that didn’t make it into the ark got wiped away too. Noah had foresight, he got reliable information that changed the trajectory of his life and the life of his family, he preserved his family and preserved the earth too.

Foresight involves future oriented, awareness and planning. It is you seeing and recognizing the promised land even before it is named. It is you responding quickly and effectively to future market opportunities.

Foresight gives you a long term vision of how things would unfold or how events would unfold gives you the opportunity to plan and to take steps that would change the direction of your business, of your life, of your finances, of your family and even your generations to come.

So let me take you back home a bit, so if you are buying a property in, for example Lekki Phase 1 or in Banana island you are not buying a property looking at a future exponential growth in your investment. Those are mature markets, so the data is there, the insight is there. You are betting on the slow increase in the value of your properties or the properties you’re buying or you want to buy. So whatever reason you are buying, perhaps it’s the lifestyle you want or rental income-whatever purpose you have for buying into those mature locations you can work around that and that does not really require foresight.

On the other hand there are real estate investments that are grounded on the principle of foresight. As unbelievable as it may seem, there was a time when a plot of land at Iyana ipaja just about cost the same thing as a plot of land at Ajah. Common knowledge at that time would be this is Lagos they are probably worth the same thing but common knowledge sometimes is inferior to foresight. In hindsight now and looking at what is happening we can see that both properties increased in value but you know Ajah has increased extremely if you compare it with the growth of propertie the value of properties in Iyana Ipaja.

Foresight is the reason some smart investors are buying plots and plots and acres  of land in Epe instead of taking the same amount of money to buy one or two properties in a mature location.  ..we can see what the government is doing in the environment, we can see the development we can tell that this is the new lagos.  This is the next big thing  but i ask you, where in epe is iyana ipaja, where in epe is lekki, where in  Epe is the banana island. There are lots of plots of land and there are lots of properties that are up for sale in Epe so where is that place that would increase in value astronomically. Where is that place you should be taking the steps to secure the future.

At Gumbull Realty that is what we do. We have foresight, hindsight and insight to help you make the right decision. Reach out to us today.My name is Josephine thank you for joining me

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